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Insurance & Real Estate Agency in Hanson, Massachusetts

Business insurance - Insurance Plans in Hanson ,MA

Home & Auto Insurance

Safeguard your home from any number of hazards with our excellent selection of homeowner's insurance plans. We also work to give our clients the best options for their auto insurance needs.
Home and auto insurance - Insurance Plans in Hanson ,MA

Business Insurance

Our company provides a range of insurance plans tailored to accommodate the needs of business owners. We also provide insurance for commercial fleets of automobiles.

Home insurance - Insurance Plans in Hanson ,MA

Real Estate

We fully understand the real estate market in our area, and we specialize in working with sellers to help them find motivated buyers willing to pay the best price.
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Safeguard your assets with the comprehensive insurance policies from Donald L. Ford Real Estate & Insurance. Based in Hanson, Massachusetts, our insurance and real estate agency offers excellent rates on auto, homeowners, and business insurance. We also provide our expert real estate services for sellers looking to sell their property.

A Full-Service Insurance Agency

As a family-run business, we care about each 1 of our clients, and we will go above and beyond to meet all their insurance or real estate needs.

We have been in this business for more than 50 years, and during that time we have built a reputation as an honest, hardworking company. Our company also believes in giving back to the community by actively supporting local youth sports, Girl Scouts, and fundraisers.

If you want to really take advantage of our insurance opportunities, we recommend our bundling policies for auto and homeowner's insurance.

These packages provide excellent discounts that are not available on single-plan policies. We also provide a public notary service for the convenience of our clients.
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