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Insurance Policies in Hanson, Massachusetts

At Donald L. Ford Real Estate & Insurance, we are focused on getting our clients the insurance they need, and not pushing high-priced policies. Based in Hanson, Massachusetts, our insurance agency provides unbeatable rates on auto, homeowners, and business insurance.

Auto Insurance

We work with 2 auto insurance providers, Commerce®, and Vermont Mutual Insurance Group®, in order to give our clients the best options for their auto insurance needs. We provide good driving credits for drivers with few or no accidents, and we also offer MAIP (Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan) coverage for high-risk drivers.

Insurance plans are also available for boats, motorcycles, RVs, and other vehicles.
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Some of the discounts we offer for auto insurance include:
  • Good Driver Discounts & Additional Credits for STIP 9 & 10
  • Passive Restraint Discount
  • Antitheft Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount
  • Senior Citizen Discount
  • Group Discounts
  • Multi-Car Discount

Homeowner's Insurance

Safeguard your home from any number of hazards with our excellent selection of homeowner's insurance plans. We work with Commerce, Vermont Mutual®, and Massachusetts FAIR Plan®, to provide our client's with complete protection for their homes. Flood and earthquake protection are some examples of what is offered in our house, condo, rental, and tenant insurance policies.
Some of the discounts we have for homeowner's insurance include:
  • Modern Construction Credit
  • Nonsmoker Discount
  • Renewal Discount
  • New Home Credit
  • Safe Home Credit
  • Umbrella Coverage

Commercial Insurance

Our company provides a range of insurance plans tailored to accommodate the needs of business owners. We have commercial packages for storefront businesses, building insurance for gas stations and other small businesses, and insurance packages for liability and workers' compensation. We also provide insurance for commercial fleets of automobiles.
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